The following targets I want to reach on my journey. Little pit stops along the way. In no particular order, hope I can tick all of them some day.

  • Weigh in at 120 kg
  • ACHIEVED: 6 August

  • No more heart-burn
  • ACHIEVED: 18 April 2013

  • Boyfriend have a sleepful night’s rest, without being bothered by my apnea
  • ACHIEVED: somewhere in July

  • Weigh in at 99,9 kg
  • Fitting into our bath
  • ACHIEVED: somewhere in June

  • No more double-chin!
  • Join a gym!
  • ACHIEVED: 3 September 2013

  • Fitting into my special overseas pair of jeans
  • Be able to cycle 10 km on my exercise bike
  • Be able to jog to the end of the street
  • Not feel like strangers looking at me with disgust
  • Go horse-riding (and not be too heavy for it!)
  • Wrap a towel nicely around my body
  • ACHIEVED: Somewhere in August

  • Weigh in at 80 kg
  • Walking in the mall and not get feet that hurt terribly afterwords
  • ACHIEVED: Somewhere in July

  • Go into the fat shop (Donna Claire) and looking for something I’d like to wear, not something that just fits
  • ACHIEVED: Somewhere in July

  • Go into a REGULAR clothing shop (like Edgars) and getting something that fits!
  • Buying a size 20 pants
  • ACHIEVED: I’ve passed that already without bying a pair!

  • Buying a size 16 pants
  • Buying a size 12 pants
  • Getting a cute 50s style swimming costume



  • marry the man of my dreams and be happy with how I look in my wedding dress
  • become pregnant with my first child and be happy that I am healthy to grow a baby and give him/her the best possible health start in life
  • buying myself the most awesome fitted brown ladies leather jacket
  • weigh 70 kg
  • do a 5k running race
  • do the Cape Argus cycle tour
  • learn to surf
  • SKY-DIVING with my partner upon reaching my goal weight.



3 thoughts on “Targets

  1. Awesome goals!!!!! We share some similar ones! 🙂 u go girl! Sorry I didn’t realize u were overseas when I suggested the home sleep study but I am sure where u are they have a company that does them too. 🙂

    • hehe, no worries 😉 that means you thought i was american and that i am english speaking, which is great, because english is only my second language! makes me feel really chuffed with myself, hiehie.

      hmm must be making some goals. i love thinking of goals i want to reach. and one day, hopefully in this year still, i can reach a lot of them!!

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