Stats about this beast

This is me. On 29 November 2012 the following applies:

  • Age: 29
  • Weight: 148 kg – 326 pounds
  • Height: 1,74 m – 5 ft 7 in
  • BMI: 48,9
  • Feeling: terrible
  • Health: very bad – sore feet, body aches, headaches daily, heartburn, out of breath, struggling to stay awake



On 11 April 2013 the following applies:

Age: 30
Weight: 147 – 324 pounds
BMI: 48.6
Feeling: Much better already. Diabetic tablets I am drinking helps a lot for my sore feet and I also don’t get heartburn anymore. Feel less like a stuffed sausage. Not so tired anymore as well, get rest in at night. The CPAP machine helps a lot.

Note: From December to April I somehow managed to PICK UP WEIGHT. I went to 151 kg (332 pounds!). How did I manage to do that, when I was supposed to lose weight? Mainly, I stopped smoking cold turkey. And it was TOUGH AS HELL. Honestly I really tried my best, but food was my coping meganism. Also, had a few “funeral meals” (just try this for the last time…)

I am feeling ashamed about it. But that is how it is. Now you know. I’ve lost 4kgs since on the liquid diet at least.

On 29 May 2013 (6 weeks post-op):

Age: 30
Weight: 131 kg – 288 pounds
BMI: 43
Feeling: My life has turned around! I am never really hungry. Sometimes I do feel like eating. Still miss the comfort food brings. But not actual SERIOUS CRAVINGs, you know? Get emotional still. Sometimes a bit depressed, but other times also very happy with my success. Part of recovery, I guess.
Health: * No more sore feet! I am not drinking ANY more tablets, I am off of ALL my medication (including diabetic pills, anti-depressant, and adcodols every day).
* I can walk without huffing and puffing
* Much easier to get dressed and put on shoes, etc
* Fitting into clothes that hasn’t fit for a long time

17 September 2013 the following applies:

Age: 30
Weight: 115,5 kg – 254 pounds
BMI: 38.1
Feeling: Excellent! Take no tablets for anything. No migraines, no diabetes, no anti-depressants, nothing. Only my vitamins for post surgery.

Fitting into old small clothes. Shrunk quite a few sizes. Wearing around 18 now, used to be anything between 26 and 28.

I’m off the CPAP machine for sleep apnea as well. It seems my sleep apnea disappeared. NO more heartburn, which is great.

I have energy and don’t feel so tired at work anymore.

Started gymming 2 weeks ago, never thought I’d see the day.

Emotionally I am also feeling better than the last few months – it went up and down up and down. Really a big mental roller-coaster. But I am feeling a lot better about myself plus I am starting to really cope without my food-dependancy.


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