Christmas goal

Friends! I just had an epiphany.

I am almost five months post-op. Today is the start of spring. A very long and cold and wet winter is behind me. And from today I am kicking up a gear!

Going to join a gym ASAP come Monday. Enough of this lazying around. The time has come for me to honestly make the most of this precious tool I have received.

I have lost 75 pounds (34 kg) since my highest weight. My goal is to be under a 100 kilos (under 220 pounds) by Christmas. That will be my gift to myself. I am 257 pounds (117 kg) now.

You think a loss of 37 pounds (17 kgs) is possible by Christmas? Little less than four months. Theoretically it should be. But my weightloss has creeped to a very slow loss. Perhaps my lack of exercise, but also my menu choices. I am struggling deciding what to eat and being an active participant in what i get in. I am sure i dont get in nearly enough protein.

I know I am just probably lazy to make the effort. But I do feel overwhelmed quite easily, so I try and not berate myself so often.

Any tips? What is your go to menu plan for a given day? Something tried and true? I dont take shakes at all as they tend to make my feel nauseous (I am lactose intolerant). Even if i make them with water – it still has the consistence of something milky and I struggle to get it down!

Hope to hear some good tips to get to my goal by Christmas! Anyone joining me???


4 thoughts on “Christmas goal

  1. Most of my go to proteins are dairy, so I don’t have a ton of ideas for you, but have you ever checked out I buy some protein chips and cheese puffs from them. They also have protein pasta, and a few other really great things. I LOVE them. I’m eating the white cheddar flavored protein cheese puffs as we speak. They totally hit my cheeto craving. Hope this helps at least a little… 🙂

    • Oh my goodness!! What awesome stuff have you got over there? Protein chips?? Whaaaa dafuq? Will def go check it out, thanks gor the tip 😉 maybe i can make myself a big shipment of awesome foodstuffs that will make my life easier. Over here you want protein – eat meat or eggs. I’m so over struggling.

      • Heya lady! You know what, have had a hell of a ride lately and actually totally forgot. Bur happily for me i found a protein shake that i really enjoy, and so i get in 48g of protein just by shakes plus then my food extra. So i am a bit sorted over here. How are you doing?

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