Big milestone today!

Big day today!

As of this morning, I have lost 20 kg since my highest weight pre-op!

I cannot believe it!

Feels like I won a big prize. Which I did in a sense 😉

I am so very grateful. Dr Swanepoel gave me my life back. I am looking forward to my progress and the future.

Update on how I am feeling physically:

I am 5 weeks, almost 6 weeks post-op. and my body is speaking louder than my brain now. At last the switch happened.

The dark side of the moon now is that I am a bit afraid of eating. Just because I am experiencing an unwell feeling whenever I eat. Not dumping. Just an unpleasantness.
So like Pavlov’s dog I come to dread eating something.

This is kinda new and I have a notion that it is only part of the journey. My insides settling in and nerves coming back. A friend who is a few months post op told me she went through the same thing. That at this stage she just didn’t want to eat because most everything didn’t sit too well with her pouch. Apparently it passes.

I hope so.

Don’t like feeling this queasiness. It is quite unpleasant. And of course now I am not getting all the food and nutrients in that I have to and that comes with its own set of problems.

Like headaches! And don’t think it can be fixed with a tablet. Noooo, I am not taking tablets yet.

So I am riding it out.

But otherwise, apart from this, I am doing great and feel so much better about myself! Feeling so much more healthy.

Not a struggle to put on shoes anymore! Or to get into the bath!

Funny hoe such “little” things can get so huge once one is not able to do it.


4 thoughts on “Big milestone today!

  1. I am having my surgery on June 21! I am excited to read your posts, so I can see first hand how things will be for me. Your inspirational to me!

    • Oh Dawn wow! Thank you so much for these words. I am so glad if it can help you 😉 if you have any questions or queries please just ask! I am so happy for you getting the surgery. It truly is lifechanging. It is gonna be tough in the beginning prepare yourself – but we are much stronger than we think and you will get through those patches only a much healthier and happier person. Very much good luck on your journey! xxx

      • I am so glad you are feeling better! I am still pretty miserable. The pain is ok, but I hate the liquid diet for 2 weeks post op. and I am struggling to get water in, which then I fear dehydration. I cry. A lot. At the oddest moments too. Ugh. I am struggling. I wonder if I made a mistake? When will I feel better? My surgery was last Friday, and in my head I know I need more time, but emotionally I am afraid I will feel this way forever. The nausea is awful! Thanks for listening to me whine!

      • hi Dawn

        Sorry I was nowhere, was actually away a bit on holiday as well and just took a break of the internet. But I am very interested to hear how you are doing now.

        Don’t freak out too much about the crying! I was one crying mess!! I remember I started crying randomly in public.

        It really does get better.

        And the struggles change. What an up and down rollercoaster this is.

        I have other struggles now. Getting myself to eat. Getting enough nutrients in.

        But I promise the awful feeling does get better. And it really helps when you really start noticing the change in your appearance and in how you are feeling physically.

        Good luck girl and keep me updated!

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