One month post op today.

It is exactly one month since my operation. I cannot BELIEVE the time has passed so quickly. It felt as such drawn out torture at times…

But here I am, and I have lost 16 kilo’s as of today (including the 5 i lost with my liquid diet pre-op). That is down from 333 pounds to a slimmer 297! 36 pounds all in all!

SO, all in all I lost 11 kg the first month. Most of which during the first two weeks (and basically none since).

The last day or two the weightloss has jumped into gear again.

ok, so, how do I feel?  I feel a lot of different emotions. I am happy, of course, I am very happy. 16 kg would have been impossible in the past. I’ve tried. NUMEROUS times. And I suffered for it. And it just wouldn’t happen.

But, BUT, if you are considering this operation, really think carefully and PREPARE yourself that it is probably going to be harder than you think.

That said, here I am. I am alive, I am much healthier, I am on a road to lose this terrible weight that I couldn’t get rid of ever, ever.

Still feeling a bit uneasy and out of my depth, but I am hopeful that it’ll just get better and better. It already is.



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