It’s back to work again…

Today I am back at work.

I was off for 3 weeks, almost 4 (including surgery).

So where am I? What am I going through?

It is getting better day by day, but it is still not easy and I am still struggling to find my feet.

My weight is also at a stand still since I started soft/pureed food almost 2 weeks ago. Which scares me. Having the thoughts of “what if this doesn’t work for ME”. bleh.

I am still struggling to hear my body telling me when it has had enough. My pouch is oh so quiet – so at times I eat a bit too much (and believe me, it is still very little). Then I go into excruciating pain. So now I am to eat too little rather. Which also don’t seem right, actually.

I am just trying to wing it. To win it.

Focusing on the positives. I sleep better! My apnea is definitely improving. I am also walking much better, have more oxygen in my lungs, which is great.

I feel better about myself as well. Started growing my nails, stopped biting it right before the op and now I have beautiful long nails, for the first time in my life and I love it! Also started wearing make-up again.

So nice to fit into clothes that didn’t fit anymore previously.

Everybody is telling me how good I am looking, so I suppose I must be 😉

I have a more cheery demanour about me which I also like.


Cannot wait to “meet” me when I am at goal weight and not a fat person anymore! Wonder how I’ll be like.



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