learning to listen to my body. she has a voice.


this is seriously the toughest thing i have ever done. Although the weight is coming off, I am sure if I knew what waited on me, I would think twice…

I am having a lot of difficulties. My body is NOT happy with what is going on. It seems I am extremely sensitive to drips and IV’s and morphine and stuff that got pumped into my body. It was my first time ever having any kind of surgery so we couldn’t have known.

As I stated before I was longer in hospital, as they tried to figure out what was causing my high fever. I am home now for more than a week and still get some fever spikes some days. Although it is much less severe.

The newest is that my body HATES all kinds of meds. So I have stopped taking my pills (Nexium and Prohexal – like liquid prozac).

I know I know, one should never stop your meds. But I am listening to my body now and I am feeling MUCH better. I started vomiting last time I took meds. And I feel fine since (it has been a few days).

The Nexium I will attempt again in 2 weeks when I can drink whole pills again and don’t have to dissolve it.

The Prohexal was given to mask my withdrawal symptoms that I would get because I cannot drink my slow release tablets (called Illovex). I call it my crazy pills. Without them I cry a lot, A LOT.

Anyhow. It has been 2 weeks since I am off my lllovex and it should be out of my symptom. SO no real need to proceed with the Prohexal. As it is not my real medication anyway.

Now I am listening to my body!


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