busy carrying on, in the beginning of the liquid diet.

So it is the 3rd day of my liquid diet. I won’t lie, it is tough. But at first it wasn’t so bad as I thought it would be.

But I was involved in an accident yesterday and this is making it tough. Because now I am sitting here and I am all emotional. I am also highly FED-UP with this one woman at my medical aid who is IGNORING me and I am so extremely UPSET and want to cry a bit and I feel I have the need to eat food.

Nothing horribly unhealthy, just a plate of food. I WANT FOOD.

Am I an emotional eater?

If you are more than 50 kg (or 100 pounds) overweight, you are.

Me 70kg overweight? surely I must be. Yes. I am.

Anyway. Just checking in. Saying hi. This is tough, but not as tough. It is weird. I am feeling weird. A lot of worries regarding money and stuff. Accounts building up. And now the accident. And very busy at work with its own problems.

Hopefully I will feel better soon, I have to get off this down feeling I have currently.



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