Start of the liquid diet

Part of getting ready for surgery is going on a liquid diet for 2 weeks prior to surgery.

I am supposed to start on 3 April, but 2/3 days earlier might do me only good, so I am starting today. And I took that FIRST step!

I made myself and partner some Taystee Wheat. Nice hot porridgy business perfect for a cold day in Cape Town.

It took me a while to eat it all though, as I find it not so great. A bit hideous, actually. But I think it is just cause I am not used to it. Partner grew up with something similar I the mornings so he enjoyed it. But me? No, I was a madam. Didn’t eat this and didn’t eat that. Then I had some toast, then some Corn Flakes, then some Rice Krispies. And later on, absolutely nothing for breakfast.

So I am changing my life around! One steal and meal at a time. It is in so I am happy.

And it is the most wonderful day today, all cold and overcast with a sea breeze. It is Easter Monday, so we are at home and still in our pajamas!

Ah, feeling positive!


2 thoughts on “Start of the liquid diet

  1. Best of luck for your pre-op diet. It’s hard the first few days but once you stick it out you’ll do just fine.
    Liquid diet after op is pretty easy cause you really don’t feel like having anything else.

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