So made at myself that it has been so long since I’ve posted on my blog. I wanted to document each step of the journey. But then life happens, and you fall behind on some things, as you pick up the extra stress from other added things.

So where am I?

I am far!

I am having my op on 17 April!! YES, I WAS GIVEN THE GREEN LIGHT!!

While going through my tests and doctor appointments, etc, a few things came to light.

* I have a mild stomach ulcer and I am on medication for it now. It needs to be healed before my op, please pray!

* I suffer from sleep apnea. I stop breathing 30 times in ONE HOUR. 70% oxygen when I am sleeping – way too little. So now I sleep with a CPAP machine.

* I have prediabetes. It is quite serious and I am in line of getting diabetes if things don’t improve. Luckily it was caught soon enough. I am on medication (luckily no insulin shots as of yet).

So yes, this is where I am at.

Now I am trying to make sense of all the accounts and do my sums, as hectic financial wheelings and dealings lying ahead!

I am elated that I have been given the go-ahead. But I am also very scared. And a bit apprehensive.


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