First half of the tests

Halfway throught my tests!

Today I went for an abdominal scan (sonar-mejinx) and then for the dreaded gastroscopy…

But, take not, that was not the worst of this day. Oh no. It was the night before…

So madam me thought everything was fine. I am ok. I am not stressed out. A little, but I am ok. No worries. Whatthefuckever.

So I struggle to go to sleep. Nervously play games on my iPhone, trying to get sleepy. Eventually everything goes dark.. I wake with a startle, what is this banging against my head?

OH lovely, a headache! And not just anyone, the one that comes right before the dreaded Migraine (the mother of all evil in this world).

SO what do I do? I take tablets, as soon as I can fumble at it in the dark. My tummy is empty.. but hey, better that than getting a Migraine.



So I start vomiting. Neverending yellow vomit that burns like the ovens of hell. And it doesn’t want to stop. Why is this??? What have I done? Is it because I hate horrible music? Because I look down on dumb people?

Noooooooo! I take a shower, as I love water. NOpe. Not working. I know, a bath! I haven’t had a bath in ages, as I don’t fit in it properly anymore ;-(

My old trusty friend. How I love baths. A nice warm bath always makes me feel better. My mum taught me that. So between the vomiting and the crying (cause I am wailing by now) and the other problem at the bottom (oh yes, it is coming out from all sides – sorry for the graphics, but I am telling everything as it happens), I get into the bath.

And it……….


My poor boyfriend is out of his wits. He doesn’t know what to do. He’s next to me, holding my hair back, trying to comfort me. Poor thing.

So after about 2 hours of this, he phones my mum, and my dad come and collect me.

I would’ve gone to them at 7 in the morning in anycase (as he had to take me to the hospital close by for my tests today). But now he had to come and get me at 5 in the morning! But he does it withough flinching or thinking, he is there, always my hero. My poor dad, he says he didn’t close an eye last night.

I’m glad you didn’t vomit, Dad.

So yeah, that was my night. A horrible night from hell.
And it kinda prepared me for whatever is coming, as NOTHING could be worse than what I went through.

Bloody stress and worry!!!!


** sonar **
Very nice and efficient staff. A lady came in and took some pictures of my upper abdominal area. Really kinda pushed that thing down on me. It looks like the baby-sonar-thing. SO nothing to it, really. Did feel a bit self-conscious with my fat belly (shouldn’t it be bell..? it’s not small…), but she just went about her job and stayed friendly.

Then another doctor came in and he also took a few pics. He says everything seems fine. And out he goes. Also very friendly man.

I got up, cleaned myself up, got dressed and off I went.

** gastroscopy **
About two hours later I admitted myself for the gastroscopy. Bit of paper work. Nothing too hectic. THey gave me a bed, yay! I only would’ve been in a chair. But the nurse was so nice and said she’s putting me in a bed.

THat is really a blessing, because I waited 3 hours before the doctor got to me!! Luckily the bed was really comfy and I dozed off a few times, as I had basically no sleep whatsoever the previous night mos.

So I was happy about that. I did not however appreciate the HIDEOUS HEADACHE that was still present!!

And I just had to grin and bear it ;-( Nothing they could give to me!

At long last I was taken to the theatre room where the doctor is at. Was nice seeing him again and he was very impressed with me quitting the old cigarettes. Bet he thought I couldn’t do it without any help…
Hmm I surprised him, I hope!

This girl means business!!

So they put in a thingy in my arm (an IV, what you call it in ENglish?). I had to turn on my side. A pipe thingy in my nose for oxygen and then a plastic mejinx in my mouth so that I obviously don’t bite the camera that needs to go down in pieces.
I was still aware of what was going on. ANd my next memory? Being pushed out of there.
Everything over.

Not ONE recollection of them putting it in my mouth going down or nothing, it is the weirdest thing!! ANd it wasn’t even deep that stuff they usually use. I didn’t get that. The anesthetist told me the doctor is sommer gonna inject something to make me go under a bit, but only a bit, not deep. Well, it was deep enough, as I have no memory whatsoever.

Plus I don’t feel any pain at all!

NOTHING! Only a bit sore throat, but I think it is from all the vomiting last night.

SO that was my day so far.

Now I am taking a break. And eating something. ANd hopefully don’t get sick when I take that tablet ;-( so scared now!

Anyway, something has to be done about this headache though.

OK that is my story. TOmorrow the rest of the tests!


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