Thinking of dealing with the boss and work

Time does seem to fly lately! Perhaps what with being back at work.

Last week I decided to phone the doctor’s office, as I haven’t heard anything yet from them. And there Charlene (the lady who works with my admin stuffs there) tells me she already sent an e-mail with all the appointments right after Christmas!

It never came through! It has quite a few attachments and that is why I think. Luckily I phoned – and she forwarded it again immediately. SUCH a nice lady. Fast and efficient! And very nice.

My appointments are all scheduled for 21 and 22 January. Still have to tell my boss. So, so scared. Don’t know how I am going to bring it up. And what do I tell my boss? Everything? I don’t want to tell her everything, because then surely I will start crying. And I really don’t want to cry. As I’ve cried before in front of my boss and it is very embaressing. Although I have to say she is a very understanding and sweet person, but I can’t help feeling like a “lesser employee” in that instance. Like I am some kind of “problem” as I am the “emotional” one.

And I feel it is a bit frowned upon. So I don’t want to endorse it that I am the cry baby! Although I obviously am…

Do you think I cry so much and so easily, because of me being fat and self-conscious – as I am a sensitive being? Or do you think it is because I am just a sensitive being and it was my shield against the harsh world to eat, so as to “lock out” everybody or harsh words?

Chicken or the egg?

So yes. Appointments next Monday and Tuesday and I would have to put in sick leave, but what to tell the boss… Just that I have a few tests the doctor wants me to undergo? And that I don’t really want to go into it not before I get results? And that she shouldn’t worry cause it is not serious (I mean it is not life-and-death)?

Don’t know what to do!


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