Meeting the doctor.

I’ve jumped over my second hurdle! I am indeed in this race, and I am in it to win it!

Was quite stressed the whole day – didn’t get to do much work (I am trying to make up for it today, that is why I could only come and post now).

When I arrived, I had to fill in 3 sets of forms. The ins and outs of my history. Diet history. Of what I’ve done in the past. Conditions I am currently suffering from. Causes, perhaps. Family problems? All kinds of questions for the doctor to better understand my case.

And then I met him! And he impressed me immensely. He has lively eyes, that are soft and understanding. He made me feel welcome, and validated. He seemed impress by the fact that I’ve done a lot of research and know what he speaks about. He explained a few things of the operation itself and WHY it is important.

He also told me that it is more dangerous for me to NOT have this surgery, than actually getting it done.

It hit me against the head. That this kind man (and a bit unnerving, a little bit) is putting it to me like it is.

I am glad I chose him. I can see us walking side by side, on this journey of mine.

What happens next? His office ladies are making my necessary appointments (which will probably only be in January). For the following:

* Sleep study

* Gastroscopy (I don’t know how that’ll work, because I can’t even swallow a tablet – how am I going to swallow a camera?!)

* Abdominal scan

* Blood tests (for all kinds of things – like cholesterol, diabetes, etc)

* Psychologist

* Dietician

So a few more hurdles in the race. Only at the start now. But at least I have begun!!

—- oh, another big thing. I have to stop smoking. Yep. I knew that was coming. It is ok. Although I love smoking, I think it is the fat girl that loves smoking. The skinny me won’t like it all that much. Because the skinny me won’t need that crutch anymore. Plus it stinks and is costing me a lot of money.

The fat girl will be very sad to see the cigarettes go. But that is her problem. Screw you, fat girl, you’ve made my life miserable. I don’t need you and your cigarettes anymore in any case. Stuff you, man.



6 thoughts on “Meeting the doctor.

  1. I just started reading ur blog but I am so proud of u for taking back ur life!!! I won’t lie the surgery is not easy, well after it. But it is well worth it! It is so rewarding to see the scale drop, have ur clothes fit and get bigger, and to just feel better! πŸ™‚ this surgery is such a valuable tool to lose weight and it helps keep u motivated because the scale actually moves when u do the gym now! Lol πŸ™‚ congrats sweetie!!!

    • thank you, lady!
      i am proud too πŸ˜‰
      but kinda scared shitless too, haha, but yeah, it needs to be done. it has to! it is the only way! and i really want to have a life, before it is too late!
      thanks for following my blog πŸ˜‰ it is nice to know someone is reading it.
      oe i know all about trying really hard on my own to lose the weight. going to the gym. doing all i can and that scale doesn’t want to budge. so disheartening. really makes you hate yourself. and in my heart i know that is wrong because deep down i KNOW i am a person to be loved, as i am intelligent and beautiful and kind and all that. so it upsets me that something like this can make me feel so negative about myself.
      thanks xxx

      • It is scary but so exciting at the same time. It is just the most rewarding feeling actually seeing the scale go down. Lol I really wish people would look past the weight and see our awesome personalities. It stinks that most people truly don’t. I luckily found someone who did and we had our beautiful daughter and that is when i realized I have to do this! For her! It just clicked one day cuz I couldn’t get the weight off on my own. It just wasn’t working. Then once then weight comes off and people start noticing it feels so amazing! πŸ™‚ know why they notice? Cuz we lost the weight and gained more self confidence and it radiates from our faces. I’ve found that once u have some confidence for real others start treating u as well as ur treating urself. I commend u for doing this! U won’t regret it! πŸ™‚

  2. I did a home sleep study. It was so easy. It was through American home patient. They sent a test to my house and I wore it 3 or 4 nights I can’t remember then u fed ex it back in their box and they send ur results to ur doc πŸ™‚

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