journey: made an appointment

I made my appointment to see the doctor today~!


This happy event will take place on 11 December 2012. New meaning that date has to me now. The start of my life.

I will be seeing Dr Etienne Swanepoel at Durbanville Mediclinic. I had an option between him and the other doctor, Dr JA Potgieter. I have never met any one of them so I had no idea what to base my decision on.

In the end I found something in Dr Swanepoel’s face and smile that spoke to me, so the call I made!

The receptionist lady was very friendly and accommodating. Apparantly this consultation will be R1100 (which I will try and claim from my medical aid afterwards, although I don’t think I’ll get much back, just a hunch I have). Good thing it is bonus month at work, so I have the money. 😉

My mind is racing at lightning speed! And I have so many ideas with this blog. Don’t really know where to start!



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